Hello all. Nhs inform is a new national health information service providing a co-ordinated approach and a single source of quality assured health information for the public in scotland. 0800 22 44 88   home health a-z common health questions support service directory health zones alcohol zone cancer zone easy info zone seasonal flu mental health zone musculoskeletal zone palliative care screening scotland veterans health nhs in your area about us   text size: a a a colour: accessibility / sitemap search this site entire site cancer mentalhealth msk palliativecare screening veteranshealth search help health library introduction symptoms of urinary incontinence causes of urinary incontinence diagnosing urinary incontinence treating urinary incontinence complications of urinary incontinence preventing urinary incontinence   breadcrumbs health library incontinence, urinary introduction listen print incontinence, urinary introduction urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. compare side effects viagra viagra viagra It is a very common problem that is thought to affect about three million people in the uk. Anyone can experience urinary incontinence, although it is more common in older people. generic viagra online overnight The condition affects far more women than men, and it is thought to occur in one in five women who are over 40 years of age. compare side effects viagra viagra viagra How the bladder works the bladder is a stretchy muscular bag that collects and stores urine. generic viagra It is located in the pelvis at the lowest point in the abdomen, immediately behind the pubic bone. viagra for sale The bladder is constantly receiving urine from the kidneys, which filter it down to the bladder through tubes called ureters. The urine is held in the bladder by the pelvic floor muscles, which keep the urinary opening (urethra) closed. cheap viagra online Once the bladder is full, a signal is sent to the brain that triggers the need to pass urine. why are viagra pills blue At a suitable time, the brain tells the pelvic floor muscles to relax and the bladder contracts to push the urine out. However, this process can be interrupted in several different ways, resulting in urinary incontinence.   types of urinary incontinence there are various types of urinary incontinence, but the two main types are stress incontinence and urge incontinence. cheap generic viagra online Stress incontinence occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to prevent urination. generic viagra 100mg Urge incontinence is thought to occur as a result of incorrect signals being sent betw.